aluminum coil price

Aluminum Coil Price

  • Thickness: 0.5mm-6mm
  • Width: Under 2250mm
  • Length:Under 11000mm(11m) or by coil


Aluminum Coil Manufacturers in China – Henan Wanda

Aluminum coil is another supplied form of aluminum sheet. Aluminum coil HS code is 76061190. Except for aluminum sheet, Henan Wanda also supplies aluminum coil with different alloys. For example, the most popular alloys welcomed by our customers are 3003, 1050, 1100, 5052, 5182, 8011 etc. We can also produce color coated aluminum coil. There are tens types of colors and coating materials.

Our aluminum coil is mainly sold to South American countries, such Mexico, Peru and Columbia and so on. South America is a big market of aluminum coil. Customers there commonly purchase 5052 aluminum coil for automobile parts materials. They also purchase 1050 and 3003 aluminum coil for curtain wall, decoration materials and 3004 aluminum coil for can ring pull stock. North American, East Europe and Central Asian countries are also our aluminum coil markets.

Henan Wanda is a China aluminum coil factory with 20 years’ experience. If you are looking to buy aluminum coil, just contact me by email: or WhatsApp: +8613619844700.We will provide you free quotation in 24 hours!

Supplied Forms

  • Aluminum Coil 1100
  • Aluminum Coil 1050
  • Aluminum Coil 3003
  • 5052 Aluminum Coil
  • 5083 Aluminum Coil
  • Black Aluminum Coil
  • Brown Aluminum Coil
  • White Aluminum Coil

black aluminum coil

Brown Aluminum Coil

White Aluminum Coil

What Is Aluminum Coil Used For?

Aluminum coil is a thin sheet of aluminum that has been rolled into a coil shape. It is often used in the production of a wide range of products, including gutters, roofing, siding, automotive parts, and other products that require a strong, lightweight material.

Some specific examples of products that may be made using aluminum coil include:

Gutters: Aluminum coil is often used to make gutters for homes and buildings. It is a lightweight material that is easy to install, and it is resistant to rust, making it a long-lasting choice for this application.

Roofing: Aluminum coil is also used in the production of roofing materials. It is lightweight, strong, and durable, making it an ideal choice for use in roofing products.

Siding: Aluminum coil is often used to make siding for homes and buildings. It is a low-maintenance material that is resistant to rust and is easy to install.

Automotive parts: Aluminum coil is used in the production of a variety of automotive parts, including wheels, engine blocks, and transmission parts. It is a strong, lightweight material that is ideal for use in these applications

Aluminum Coil Color Chart

If you’re looking for color coated aluminum coil, you need to choose the coated material and the color. We accept PE, PVC and PVDF coating materials. We have tens types of colors for our customers to choose. The most popular colors our customers require are black, white and brown etc. Here is a chart for your reference. Any color is available. Or you can send samples to us, we will know the color you need. Besides, you should also let me know the coating width, single coating or double coating, weight per coil etc.  

aluminum coil chart

Aluminum Coil Dimensions We Supply

As for the aluminum coil dimensions most customers require, I have something to tell you. Aluminum coil has inner diameter and outer diameter. The two dimensions, we call them ID and OD. For ID, most customers need 505mm and 508mm. (If you’re looking for aluminum foil, the ID is commonly 76mm). As for OD, it is up to the special requirements of our customers. If you need longer aluminum coil, the OD is surely longer. There is another dimension, net weight, is also important to an aluminum coil. Usually our customers will order 2-3 tons of aluminum coil. There are also a few customers need aluminum coil with net weight 1 ton. It’s smaller, so few manufacturers will produce it. For the size range, Henan Wanda can produce aluminum coil with thickness 0.2-4mm and width 800-2250mm. We use standard packing for our aluminum coil. There are two ways to pack, eye to wall and eye to sky. Most customers choose eye to wall. The picture is as below. If you’re interested in the aluminum coil, please contact here.

details of aluminum coil packing

aluminum coil packing

Overview of Wanda Packaging Zone

aluminum coil packing 1

What Is the Difference Between Aluminum Sheet and Coil?

Aluminum sheet and aluminum coil are the same product but they have different finished forms. They have different packing methods. Henan Wanda can supply both aluminum sheet and aluminum coil. The thickness is different. The thickness range of aluminum sheet is 0.5-170mm and for aluminum coil, it is 0.2-4mm. The width of aluminum sheet and aluminum coil is the same. It’s 800-2250mm. The biggest length for aluminum sheet is 11m. We don’t measure aluminum coil with its length, usually we call it net weight. Because of different production method, aluminum sheet and coil have some differences in properties such as strength and formability. But they actually have almost the same applications.

What Is the Aluminum Coil Price Per Ton?

Do you know what influences the quotation of aluminum coil? Let me tell you. There are many factors affect the quotation. First, aluminum ingot price is the main part of the quotation, because as we all know, aluminum ingot price rises too much recently. Then we would add the processing cost and multiply by tax refund rate. China has a lot of subsidies for the aluminum industry. For example, the tax refund rate for aluminum sheet and aluminum coil is 13%. This is great to us and people who buy aluminum sheet and aluminum coil. This means you can get aluminum sheet or aluminum coil with a lower price. Another factor that can affect the quotation is exchange rate. The exchange rate is floating. Don’t worry. We will choose a good time to place your order. The last two factors are operating cost and freight for export. This quotation is free for you if you have any interest in our aluminum coil.

Henan Wanda has 20 years’ experience and covers an area of 1,000,000 square meters. Henan Wanda is special in producing and marketing aluminium sheet, coil and foil. We are one of the few factories who can produce can end stocks and tab stocks. We have short delivery time. Our MOQ for aluminum coil is 10 tons. If you order regular sizes, we can match it with other small orders. So no worries, if you have interest, just let me know. We can send samples for your reference.

Any problem just email me: or WhatsApp me:  +8613619844700.